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2011 TAPPI International Bioenergy & Bioproducts Conference

We have been invited to speak at the TAPPI Bio Pro Expo and IBBC Conference on the Best Practices in Biomass Drying panel, on how to protect biomass drying systems from fires and explosions.

TAPPI's annual 2011 International Bioenergy and Bioproducts Conference (IBBC) is co-locating at BioPro Expo™

Wednesday, March 16, 2011BioProSession 24 - Panel III - Best Practices in Biomass Drying
Panel Facilitator: Joe Lukasik, AMEC

24.1 "Direct Contact Single-Pass-Recycle Dryer System" - Zo Savovic, TSI Inc.
24.2 "Superheated Steam Drying of Woody Biomass" - George Svonja, GEA Barr-Rosin
24.3 "How to Protect the Biomass Drying Process from Fires, Explosions and Downtime; Protecting Production, Optimizing Performance" - Jeff Nichols, Southeast Fire Prevention
24.4 Fred Bennett, Metso

HazardEx - Dust to Dust

"Every year an estimated 2000 dust explosions occur in factories and refineries in Europe"
I thought this was a startling statistic, and wanted to share it. - Jeff Nichols

HazardEx - Dust to Dust
Dust to DustBy Author : J GALEDr Julian Hought of risk management specialists, HFL Risk Services, explains the hidden dangers of flour and other dry ingredients and how we can guard against potentially fatal explosions.Every year an estimated 2000 dust explosions occur in factories and refineries in Europe. There are approximately 50 reported dust explosions in the UK alone – that’s roughly one every single week. But these explosions are not solely the preserve of chemical or wood processing companies.

A staggering 24 per cent of them occur within the food industry.
In fact dry ingredients such as flour, custard powder, instant coffee, sugar, dried milk, potato powder, soup powder and cocoa powder have been responsible for 120 deaths in the past 30 years.

All dust explosions are preve…