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A Prevention Primer | The Code Coach

A Prevention Primer | The Code Coach A Prevention Primer In these economic times it seems that fire prevention is getting the short end of the stick. With vacant properties, stripped businesses, and neglected utilities and systems it is in these very circumstances that fire prevention is more needed than ever In his article, " Preemptive Strike " (Fire Chief, May 2011), Gerald Hughes describes the purpose of fire prevention and how fire prevention interrelates to the day-to-day operations of the entire fire organization.  Utilizing the well-known fire triangle, Hughes inserts three points of prevention and how they can break up that fire triangle called, the Fire Prevention Triangle.  1.  Engineering Principles - What is fire? How does the fire triangle work?      1.  Active suppression - onsite equipment that suppresses/extinguishes fire      2.  Passive resistance - structural elements created to separate occupants from fire