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Did OSHA ask enough pertinent questions in the Combustible Dust ANPRM proposed rulemaking?

We are having discussions about the proposed combustible dust rulemaking on the Linkedin site, Combustible Dust discussion group, and would appreciate any comments or suggestions, or insight into your experience with OSHA related to combustible dust.  Go here to participate:

OSHA Underground: OSHA Combustible Dust ANPRM Discussions
By John Astad
With the recent posting in the Federal Register of the OSHA combustible dust proposed ruling ANPRM, the complex subject of combustible dust has come to the forefront as a workplace health and safety issue. I encourage all stakeholders ...
OSHA Underground -

OSHA Starts Combustible Dust Rulemaking -- Occupational Health ...
Oct 21, 2009 ... OSHA has been conducting a Combustible Dust National Emphasis Program (NEP) since October 2007, which it says has resulted in an unusually ...

Probabilty of Occurence...A Global View

A good point is made by John Astad, ComDust Policy Institute.  To properly identify process safety concerns and areas of improvement, first we must understand probability of occurrence, second severity.  We can then create a matrix of probability and severity to address the highest priority processes.

Probabilty of Occurence...A Global View
Posted: 24 Oct 2009 09:41 AM PDT
A recent dust explosion at a wood pellet mill in Germany drives home the point that global collaboration concerning combustible dust fires and explosion hazards in the workplace must be a central...

A global informational and educational resource for ATEX-Combustible Dust Related Explosions and Fires.

OSHA Compliance: How to Ensure that Your Efforts Are on Target

OSHA compliance should be on every stakeholders mind, as should safety in general.  Continuous improvement is key.  Do you see OSHA compliance as a concern, a pain in the butt, or as part of keeping your plant and workers safe?   Your comments are welcome and appreciated.

OSHA Compliance: How to Ensure that Your Efforts Are on Target - Old Saybrook,CT,USA
... food flavorings containing diacetyl and expects to issue an advance notice of proposed rulemaking on preventing combustible dust explosions very soon. ...

What is a ComDust Hazard?

Different sources report that 70 - 80% of process dust and fines are combustible, depending on the process and material variables.  Keys are understanding your process hazards, the combustibility of your material and fines.  But remember, processes are not static. Processes and materials change over time.  Education, hazard awareness, testing, training, process design, controls, maintenance, housekeeping, policies and procedures are keys to long term process safety.

OSHA's Chemical Plant PSM National Emphasis Program (NEP) has ARRIVED!!!

CSB Releases New Safety Video “Combustible Dust: An Insidious Hazard”

New OSHA document discusses combustible dust hazards

CSB Recommendations Deficient-Flash Fire Hazards

CSB Recommendations Deficient-Flash Fire Hazards
posted by (John Astad) at Combustible Dust Explosions and Fires-ATEX - 15 hours ago
Shameir Frasier-Imperial Sugar Refinery Burn Survivor Many stakeholders were anxious to hear the Chemical Safety Board (CSB) key findings and recommendations in the September 24, 2009 release of the final...

Congress should enact interim combustible dust rules

In the wake of the US Chemical Safety Boards final report on the Imperial Sugar explosion, some representatives want to fast track the OSHA Rule Making Process to put Combustible Dust standards in place now, to better protect the American work force.

Editorial Congress should enact interim combustible dust rules ...
IT'S GOOD that Georgia's two senators now support permanent, mandatory standards to protect American workers and eliminate hazardous dust in industrial ...

Inferno: Dust Explosion at Imperial Sugar

YouTube - Inferno: Dust Explosion at Imperial Sugar
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This is a very instructive video and case study from the US Chemical Safety Board entitled: Inferno - Dust Explosion at Imperial Sugar.  While this video pertains to sugar dust, it applies to most any combustible dust application.  The Imperial Sugar plant used many of the same processes and machinery used in many process industries, such as grinding and milling, belt and screw conveyors, bucket elevators, dust collectors and storage silo's.   

This video explains in detail how process, conveying, dust collection, housekeeping and safety system design, or lack of, all impacted the fires and explosions in this process - that killed 14 workers, injured dozens of others, and shut the plant down for an extended period of time.  This tragedy exposes the critical need in our process industries for inherently safe design along with housekeeping, proper safety systems design and training.

Also, this ca…

Video: Inside an Explosion

Excellent video definition of an explosion.
Theo Spark: Video: Inside an Explosion...........
By Theo Spark
Video: Inside an Explosion........... QUEST on KQED Public Media. H/T Stormbringer · Posted by Theo Spark
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