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What The OSHA Revealed About The Top 10 Violations In 2017

We all know that safety in the workplace begins with quality training and education. While this has been the topic of many recent debates, there is no hiding the fact that it is the cornerstone to getting it right the first time around. Recently, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration conducted some research to determine what safety violations are topping the charts this year. They used this information to create what they called a "Blueprint for keeping workers safe", as it aided in keeping workers information and empowered to take control of their safety. Among the results were Electrical Wiring Methods at Number 10, Ladders at Number 6 and the top three being Fall Protection - General Requirements, Hazard Communication and Scaffolding respectively. OSHA also took this time to reiterate that, "When we all work together to address hazards, we can do the best job possible to ensure employees go home safely each day". The final report is expected to be r…

Protecting the Biomass Process from Fires and Explosions -

How to keep from blowing up and burning down your wood pelleting operation.

“You know you are making fuel, right?”
This is a question I often found myself asking as new wood pellet and biomass plants started
sprouting up all over the Midwest, Northeastern States, and Canada, but especially here in the Southeast United States. And I didn’t say this to be rude, but to point out potential combustible dust and ignition issues.

We have been making wood flour in North America for decades in the forest products, wood
products, secondary wood products, and especially in the MDF Medium Density Fiberboard and other related industries. Yet there seemed to be little technology transfer. Especially in fire and explosion prevention and protection.

Every engineering firm and large equipment manufacturer seemed to think they could build a wood
pellet plant better than the last. So, naturally many of the designs are different. Some are efficient, some not so much. Some are built with the proper engin…