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Quesnel mill explosion could have been deadly - British Columbia

From British Columbia - CBC News

Quesnel mill explosion could have been deadly Dust may be factor in explosion and fire
By Betsy Trumpener, CBC News
Posted: Mar 10, 2016 4:48 PM PT
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2016 5:01 PM PT

Safety officials say a fire and explosion at West Fraser's WestPine MDF plant, Wednesday, could have been catastrophic. (Erika Steinson/Facebook)

A fire and explosion Wednesday at a Quesnel mill could have been catastrophic and deadly, says Al Johnson, Vice President of Prevention Field Services for WorkSafeBC.

Thirty workers inside West Fraser's WestPine MDF plant were evacuated safely.
It took crews almost five hours to put out the fire.

Potential for serious injuries, death "There was the potential here for being catastrophic," said Johnson. "We're very fortunate there were no injuries. There was a potential for workers to be seriously injured or worse."

A critical incident response team was sent to Quesnel to offer emotional …

NFPA Hazard Rating System

NFPA Hazard Rating System from Northeastern University
NFPA Hazard Rating System Northeastern University's laboratory doors are posted with emergency information to warn occupants
and The Boston Fire Department personnel of the presence and identification of hazardous materials inside each laboratory. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has developed a system for
indicating the health, flammability, reactivity and special hazards for many common chemicals through use of the NFPA 704 Diamond. The hazard rating for the laboratory is determined by looking at all the chemicals, gases and special lab uses in the laboratory and coming up with a rating for each hazard category based on criteria established below.

Please read the rating information in each category, take an inventory of your laboratory and rate each category accordingly. To look up a rating for a particular chemical click on the link at the bottom
of the page. If you do not find the chemical listed, a review…

LED technology reduces explosion risks

From ISHN Industrial Safety & Hygiene News

LED technology reduces explosion risks
The complex and hazardous nature of confined spaces
present numerous risks for workers. Because of this, many businesses that
operate in hazardous locations make use of explosion proof lights to prevent
the ignition of flammable gases and dust particles. This article discusses how
LED technology has contributed to the features of explosion proof lights by
making them more reliable, sturdy and cost-effective.

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Industrial Ventilation Resources

Free IV/LEV resource

If you are looking for information on or specialize in Industrial Ventilation (Known as LEV in the UK) then you may be interested to know that there is a free to use resource

There is a growing library of resources, details of professional development, forum and suppliers directory. We hope you will find it a valuable resource.

" Very few things influence human performance more than safety....both internal and external. Create safety and performance will rise." ~Dr. Henry Cloud

" Very few things influence human performance more than safety... both internal and external. Create safety and performance will rise." ~Dr. Henry Cloud

What is Industrial Safety?

Definition from Safeopedia

Definition - What does Industrial Safety mean?
Industrial safety in the context of occupational safety and health refers to the management of all operations and events within an industry, for protecting its employees and assets by minimizing hazards, risks, accidents and near misses. The relevant laws, compliance and best practices in the industry have most of the issues addressed for the best protection possible. Employers are to make sure that these are strictly adhered to to have maximum safety. Safeopedia explains Industrial Safety Industrial safety covers a number of issues and topics affecting safety of personnel and equipment in a particular industry. The following topics are generally discussed:
General Safety - General aspects of safety which are common to allOccupational Safety and Health - Particularly associated with the occupationProcess and Production Safety - Safety in the process and production etc.Material Safety - Sa…