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Combustible Dust Explosions Common to Baghouses

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Introduction to Combustible Dust Explosions Common to Baghouses

Guest Post By Bevin Sequeira
BS&B Safety Systems (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd. 
Introduction to Dust Explosions
A Dust Explosion is the fast combustion of dust particles suspended in the air in an enclosed location. Coal dust explosions are a frequent hazard in underground coal mines, but dust explosions can occur where any powdered combustible material is present in an enclosed atmosphere or, in general, in high enough concentrations of dispersed combustible particles in atmosphere.

Dust explosion at West Pharmaceutical Services, North Carolina took the lives of 6 people in 2003.
Dust explosions can lead to loss of life, injury, damage property and environmental damage as well as consequential damage such as business interruption losses.

Dust explosions involve most common…