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Industrial Fire Prevention - Spark Detection & Extinguishment : Equipment

Industrial Fire Prevention - Spark Detection and Extinguishment : Equipment

Protect your plant, production, and personnel from combustible dust fires and explosions.The GreCon Spark Detection and Extinguishing System can help prevent fires in your process conveying and dust collection systems. For more information on Prevention, Mitigation, and Protection visit

For information on Combustible Dust visit

Jeff Nichols
Industrial Fire Prevention, LLC

Panel: Plant Owners Failed to Act before Accidents | Chem.Info

From Chemical.Info.

"...the company knew the dangers and "decided to take the risk,"

These accidents were Preventable.

If you handle or create combustible dust in your process, this story should have your interest. As a manufacturing community, no matter what we produce, we must police ourselves, or the government will do it for us, to prevent this kind of tragedy. The technology, standards, and know-how are available to help prevent these kinds of tragic accidents. That is why this blog, our website and company exists.  Lets put this safety technology and metodolgy to use. Lets help save your production, and your company's reputation.  Most importantly, lets help save lives. 

Panel: Plant Owners Failed to Act before Accidents | Chem.Info

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Officials at a Tennessee metal powders factory where five people died in accidents last year knew about the explosive danger of dust that coated much of the plant but did little to reduce the risk, a …