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Device Puts Out Fires With Sound Waves

From Industry Tap and George Mason University

Crank It Up! George Mason Students Designed Device That Puts Out Fires With Sound Waves

By: | March 26th, 2015

George Mason University’s Seth Robertson and Viet Tran have designed a device capable of  extinguishing fires with sound waves!

Who knew cranking up dubstep and waiting for the drop could actually be used for something  helpful?

Using $600 of equipment in total, encompassing amps, a speaker and something thing they call a  collimator, Robertson and Tran discovered sound in the 30 to 60 hertz range seems to vibrate the oxygen away from the fuel, causing the flame to die out.

The two students have already proven many of their peers and professors wrong, and actually already have a preliminary patent for their invention.

Next, is deciding whether or not the idea is scalable and if a full patent is necessary?

I’ll guess we’ll just have to wait and see what these two college students decide…

Grain Dust Flash Fire at Foods Feed Mill


Three Hospitalized After Flash Fire at OK Foods Feed Mill

LEFLORE COUNTY (KFSM) – Three people are hospitalized with severe
burns Tuesday morning (Mar. 24) after a flash fire at the OK Foods Feed
Mill in LeFlore County.

Two people remain in critical condition at a hosptial in Tulsa. The other worker was transported to Sparks Hospital with minor injuries.

An officer with Heavener Police said the flash fire happened at the mill on Highway 128 around 7:30 p.m. Monday night (Mar. 23). Authorities said it happened on the third floor of the mill, where two contract welders were working.

Authorities said grain dust suddenly caught fire.

Several employees were inside the building at the time of the incident jumping to safety from three stories up, authorities said. Most of them were able to make it outside of the building without any

The conditions and the identities of the burn victims are not being released at this time.

OK Foods CEO Trent Goins released th…

Inspector Says Lakeland Lacked Fire Safety Plan | CKPG | TV

From CKPG | TV Online

Inspector Says Lakeland Lacked Fire Safety Plan
Posted by: Aileen Machell

March 9, 2015
Fire inspection reports for the Lakeland Mill were reviewed at an inquest Monday.

A current captain with Prince George Fire Rescue testified regarding a series of inspections at the  Lakeland Mill before the April 2012 explosion. Fire Prevention Officer Captain Steve Feeney told the  inquest Lakeland was typically inspected on a yearly basis.

During an inspection in 2008, fire officials recognized a need for a mill fire safety plan. Feeney  alleged there was no plan in place at the mill during an inspection two years later. He says there was still no plan in inspections that followed.

Other reported issues included emergency exit lighting not being illuminated and an evacuation plan not being posted.

Jurors viewed  a US Chemical Safety Board video, which listed wood products as a potential source of combustible dust explosions.

Feeney says he inspected dust because of its fire…

Progress in controlling wood dust explosions

From the Vancouver Sun

Progress made in controlling wood dust in mills, agency reports Scrutiny continues on industry after deadly wood dust-fuelled explosions in 2012
By Gordon Hoekstra, Vancouver Sun
February 25, 2015