MEMIC Safety Blog: OSHA Eye's Combustible Dust Exposures

From our friends at MEMIC, an introduction to OSHA requirements for Wood Working Facilities.
Topics include:

o OSHA’s requirements for identifying and controlling exposures to combustible dust.
o How to control wood dust exposures generated by commonly used woodworking equipment.
o OSHA related standards, how to recognize wood dust exposures, how to evaluate combustible dust  concentrations, controlling combustible dust, dust system requirements.
o Chronic exposure
o OSHA NEP National Emphasis Program for Combustible Dust CPL 03-00-008

MEMIC Safety Blog: OSHA Eye's Combustible Dust Exposures
By MEMIC Safety
Posted by Hartley Webb This year many wood product companies have requested assistance from MEMIC to help identify and control wood dust exposures and to develop procedures to comply with OSHA's wood dust regulations.
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