Safety Culture Plus | The Accident Pyramid

Great article showing that High Probability of Occurrence of Safety related incidences does indeed lead to the possibility of a High Consequence Event!

At Risk behavior leads to near misses, recorded injuries, lost productivity cases, and eventually fatality.

Safety Culture Plus | The Accident Pyramid

In order to understand the history of incident presentation, you need a good understanding of what it takes to reduce injuries. The accident pyramid model used many years ago as we will discuss will provide some useful information.

In 1969, a study of industrial accidents was undertaken by Frank E. Bird, Jr., who was then the Director of Engineering Services for the Insurance Company of North America. He was interested in the accident ratio of 1 major injury to 29 minor injuries to 300 no-injury accidents first discussed in the 1931 book, Industrial Accident Prevention by. H. W. Heinrich. Refer to Figure 1.

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