Workplace Safety Toolkit

Workplace Safety Toolkit

Workplace Safety Is No AccidentAn Employer's Online Toolkit to Protect stakeholders.
Safety begins with corporate culture. This site is an excellent resource for your plant safety and health program.
It contains worksheets, checklists and information on a host of subjects related to health and safety including:

Foundational concepts such as Safety Policy, Job Descriptions, Safety Committees.

Concepts and Applications about how and why accidents happen, framework for safety culture, OSHA Fact Sheet and checklist, accident analysis and reporting.

And other Concerns and Issues such as ADA Compliance, pathogens, building maintenance, confined spaces, construction, drug free workplace, electrical safety, emergency action planning, ergonomics, fleet safety, food safety, hazardous and toxic substances, housekeeping, lockout/tagout, mold and mildew, off site assignments, portable power tools, PPE, security, workplace stress, and workplace violence.

Make sure and check it out. This site has the tools you need to help promote your safety culture, and keep your personnel safe.


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