The use of modern spark detection and extinguishment systems in Tobacco Manufacturing

Risks in the bud: to explore the use of modern spark detection and extinguishment systems

From International Tobacco Online, an article on applying modern spark detection systems to the tobacco/cigarette manufacturing process.

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Tobacco online tobacco "Tobacco," reported in the processing and transportation process large amount of dust, fermentation and friction so that its temperature rises to unsafe values, and generate sparks. The vast majority of tobacco processing are using modern equipment, once by its cause a fire, will cause huge losses to the enterprise.
To solve these problems, at present, some advanced tobacco factory has been installed and use the spark detection and extinguishment systems.
Dust generated by the first process of the tobacco processing flavored or feeding easier to handle, less likely to spark. Even a small spark, and is likely to be extinguished by water, will not cause great risk to the next process. Thus, only in the production equipment installed spark detectors and sprinkler nozzles. Once detected by Mars, fire fighting nozzle within 3 seconds to extinguish the burning material, the whole process does not have to stop. Meanwhile, you can set a system alarm sparks number or interval period. If the spark occurrences exceeds the set value over time, the production line will automatically stop working for manual inspection.
In the next process, the dust is very easy to stick together with other tobacco substances, when available fire ring instead of the automatic sprinkler nozzle. Once the spark is detected, the fire ring will immediately start the entire production line to stop working within 200 milliseconds. Again unconventional run in order to prevent production equipment, extinguishing after fire ring is open to re-set the alarm in order to resume production. The fire circle is airtight, to ensure completely prevent burning particles in the pipe. The more security measures is a fire ring can be attached to a carbon dioxide or argon gas fire extinguishing system. Hours of this gas fire extinguishing system installations in the amount of transmission can use the diversion valve, the combustion of particles streaming out, transported to a waste box and then turns off the production line without having to stop work. Diversion valve is restored to its original position after 5 seconds, at any time "standby".
Tobacco baking, cooling conveyor and Hong, the temperature usually over 80 degrees Celsius. The choice of the fiber probe, and install it on the low temperature region.This detector in the high temperature of 360 degrees Celsius can also provide effective detection.
In the tobacco the strapping processing or transmission process, the burning embers may be tobacco covered the install FM1/8-PM detector - the instrument has a maximum sensitivity of the burning embers.
Some of the tobacco processing process is open, such as the use of the conveyor belt transporting tobacco, which need to install related equipment on the far-infrared detectors.
Materials used in cigarette production, such as mouth-stick adhesives, ethylene glycol, such as liquorice, will lead to the exhaust pipe to the accumulation of clogging, which led to the failure of the detectors. This case, you can add air purification adapter estimated minimum compressed air throughput through a fine metering valve to avoid the accumulation of these substances.
Most of the dust extraction system does not require regular checks of dust accumulation areas is necessary to carry out regular inspections - the dust will increase the chance of fire. All filters should be equipped with thermal sensors and a clean air test. As a result, the fire can quickly be detected. Has been tested and fitted with a filtration system for clean air testing can be detected within 20 seconds the fire occurred.


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