Reducing the Risk of Accidents through Effective Communication

From Clarion Safety Systems Blog:

Combustible Dust: Reducing the Risk of Accidents through Effective Communication | Clarion Safety Systems Blog

Combustible dust is an issue that poses a serious, often unrecognized, danger in many industries. But, the good news is, with education, awareness, and adherence to proper maintenance procedures, techniques, and equipment, combustible dust accidents are preventable.
One of the ways to support combustible dust prevention measures and to help reduce the risk of accidents is to implement effective warning communication using a well-designed and well-located safety sign system. These safety signs can alert facility staff, visitors, and contractors to the issue of combustible dust, and can reinforce existing training procedures.
Combustible Dust Safety Sign - Clarion Safety Systems
Combustible dust safety sign. © Clarion Safety Systems. All rights reserved.
To learn more about combustible dust prevention and effective communication, read the Clarion article published in Powder/Bulk Solids Magazine’s August issue, its annual dust collection issue.
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