A Portrait on Paper

From Go Wood and Domtar: Paper Made Here: A Portrait on Paper

Paper Made Here: A Portrait on Paper

Pretty straightforward message here today.

North American wood and paper industries are among the most productive, most professional, and environmentally-conscientious companies in the world. Our environmentalist community can take a share of the credit for that last one. It's a great story of when people work together for the right things, good things happen.

So let's give credit where credit is due, and celebrate the results. Let's hope that our efforts influence others in areas of the world where industrial production is not as professional, nor conscientious. Communication, and collaborations are indirect ways to send that message.

But the best, most direct and effective way to share our industrial heritage is through the marketplace.  "Buy American" is not, at its root, a dirty protectionist rallying cry for wealthy  corporate shareholders or flag-waving crazies. It's a bit of wisdom for demonstrating through  consumer purchases that  healthy values mean something to us. Something that we care enough about  to invest our hard-earned wages in.

When we lose that commitment, we lose a bit of ourselves.


Thanks to the folks at Domtar for the reminder.


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