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Do You Know the Burning Behavior of Your Dust?

From a great article by John Astad of the Combustible Dust Policy Institute, about burning the behavior of combustible dust.

Burning behavior (BZ) of combustible particulate solids is an important property. A property that is evaluated when developing engineering and administrative control measures for protecting the work-place from combustible dust fire and explosion hazards. Burning behavior can be as harmless as salt (BZ 1) or violent as black powder (BZ 6). Where does your dust fit between the two?
Knowing fire spread characteristics with BZ classification (severity of consequence) acquired from VDI 2263 test results assist safety professionals with developing a proactive housekeeping strategy. This strategy includes removing excessive dust layers from hard to reach and unseen overhead areas such as suspended ceilings, conduits, and structural girders. It is these overhead areas where fire can spread rapidly.

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