Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fire Prevention Quiz

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Fire Prevention Quiz

Multiple Choice (circle the correct answer):

Which of the following activities are considered "hot work"?
a. Welding
b. Cutting
c. Grinding Ferrous Metals
d. All of the Above

The three elements needed for a fire include:
a. Fuel
b. Oxygen
c. Heat
d. All of the Above

The acronym for proper use of a fire extinguisher is:
d. None of the Above

True or False:

Fire extinguishers should be inspected monthly and serviced annually by a third party.

Air pressurized water extinguishers (APW) are suitable for electrical fires.

Fire watch should be performed during and after all hot work activities.

Class A fires involve flammable liquids.

Employees who may be expected to use a portable fire extinguisher need to be trained.

One should never fight a fire if their safety is in question.

If possible, hot work should be moved or performed in areas with less hazard potential.

Prepared by Joe MlynekClick here for answers

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