What is Your Plant's Fire Risk? Simple Ways to Reduce Your Fire Hazards

Here is a good article By DeAnna Stephens from Pallet Enterprise, 
featuring commentary by Bob Moore, chairman and CEO of  
Intelligent Global Pooling Systems (iGPS), and Kurt Ruchala, 
principal engineer at FirePro.  

This article outlines some basic and simple solutions when it comes to 
protecting your plant, production processes, and personnel from fires 
and explosions, in any industry.

Additionally, I would add to protect your dust collection systems with  
spark detection and extinguishing systems, as well as sprinkler or deluge 
systems at the minimum. Additionally consider explosion venting, isolation 
or suppression systems as needed, and as referenced by NFPA, 
OSHA and FM Global.

Plant Fire Safety Checklist  
(modified from the article for general use)
  • Are combustible dust, waste and residues kept cleaned up and removed?
  • Are all brush and weeds kept cleared from around buildings?
  • Do all employees know and follow smoking policies and procedures?
  • Do employees use cigarette butt receptacles to dispose of cigarettes?
  • Are stored product / pallet piles kept neat and orderly?
  • Are product / pallet stacks kept below the maximum height?
  • Are all product and chemicals stored outdoors far away from buildings?
  • Is the sprinkler or fire suppression system the right kind for the plant?
  • Is it tested regularly?
  • Have smoke alarms been tested and batteries replaced regularly?  
  • Have fire alarms been tested regularly? Do you have regular fire drills?
  • Are fire extinguishers/hoses located throughout plant in easy access locations?
  • Is all electrical equipment examined on a regular basis for damage?
  • Is electrical equipment being used properly?
  • Are proper housekeeping policies and procedures being followed?
  • Are dust collection and conveying systems in proper working order?


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