Words and Slogans vs. Actions

Slogans vs. Actions.
"We have too many high-sounding words, and too few actions that correspond with them.” – Abigail Adams

The article below is a good overview of what happens when company mission statements, goals and slogans do not match actions.

In the industrial process fire prevention business, many times while touring a plant I see posters with slogans like "Safety First" posted in key locations, only to find real and unrecognized fire and safety hazards, like layers of combustible dust on the ground, on equipment and joists.  As I am walking around and observing, I often think "this looks like an accident waiting to happen".  This incongruence, or disconnect is wherein the problem with safety lies.  And the safety culture for an organization always starts from the top down.  This is a major focus of combustible dust education.

Other times I tour plants that do have a very stringent regard for safety systems and procedures, and they always have few accidents, better productivity and employee retention.   These organizations have pride in their safety culture.

It all starts with an attitude.  An attitude that "people really are our most valuable asset", and an attitude that "Safety really is No Accident!"

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